Audio and video component

Make sure it sounds as good as it looks

With the advent of viral video, flash, web animation and multimedia – audio and video have become better than ever quality for online users. CyberDelights is an industry leader in developing audio and video components to accompany your multimedia integration. Audio and video components can be translated in two ways. We can:

1. Technology:

  • Integrate any type of media files to a website or flash component
  • Create animated video files for marketing or TV campaigns
  • Develop live audio or video recording
  • Develop online conferencing with file sharing
  • Create AV chat systems
  • Make file conversions to a different format
  • Shrink video file sizes
  • Use such technologies as: FMS, Red5, SmartFox, etc

2. Production

  • Assist with TV advert production
  • Make voice rollovers in many different languages
Say it loud and proud on your website with crystal clear sound and high resolution video that viewers will enjoy hearing and watching. Maintain interest longer utilising our web development and website design services... we can tailor a package to suit your needs. Contact us to learn more about the CyberDelights difference today!