Website appraisals

Real Estate of the Virtual Kind

A big part of owning your own website is in understanding what your website is worth and how to make it even more valuable. At CyberDelights, we will evaluate the entrails of the site that you own, are buying or selling. We can determine how long it has been in existence, key elements (such as .com or long-tail naming) and will take a closer look to discover a realistic value. If you wish, our website appraisal experts can even make recommendations on how to turn your domain name into a “golden egg”! We are experts at understanding domain variables, community markets and values.

What goes into a website appraisal?

  1. CyberDelights will look at the traffic and/or revenue the site is generating each month to ascertain a formula. There are lots of websites out there that can make you rich… if only they have a chance to reach their full potential.
  2. The demographics of communities that populate the sites are worth studying to see if industry trends fall in line with its relevancy. This will give us a good idea how to fully gauge what the needs are and make appropriate adjustments if need be.
  3. The technical aspect of a site is also important. We will perform a keyword analysis and add more appropriate meta-tags; or fix broken links.
  4. We will also look at link popularity and search engine placements.

Let the Experts do the Work for You

Of course, when you want to become a force in any industry; you need to study your competition. CyberDelights will find out who the big dogs are on your block to help determine what your website strategy should be. We will put your site through the latest and most ingenious tools available to us. There are a million and one ways to evaluate a website, with many variables that can be confusing to novice domain owners. Don’t chase a dream… let us find you a money maker!

Call CyberDelights Now to Determine What Your Site is Worth

For now, you may be looking for a general idea. Maybe you’re thinking of selling a domain name or pre-existing website that you have already developed. Maybe you’d like to buy a new domain name but want to get the most bang for your buck. Contrary to popular belief – there are still a lot of great domain names available. Combine our website appraisal services with a website performance analysis or branding campaign for a delightful experience.

Our company prides itself on our amazing customer service. If your site is not producing results; trust CyberDelights to employ unique web appraisal tools and turn it around.