Email marketing campaigns

Build Your Brand – One Email at a Time

Marketing by way of email can be a tad complicated… yet it may be extremely crucial to your business. Reach customers who want to read what you have to offer, by building a compelling brand and offering valuable reasons to open, read and act.

CyberDelights will find the most effective and efficient way for your business to attract new customers, with a strategising email campaign that truly conveys your message. We can help with the research, copywriting and implementation of sending your emails to prospective clients or to stay in touch with existing ones. Whether you’re looking for us to put together something over the top and wildly attractive, or a campaign that is low-key and basic to fit your clientele, the ball is in your court for what you want us to do. We will explore an array of options, based on your mission and goals.

Reasons Email Campaigns don’t work for some businesses:

One of the reasons email marketing doesn’t work is mainly due to the fact that anyone can do it; therefore people think that it’s incredibly easy. While it may look simple, campaigning via email is extremely difficult to pinpoint the right customers at the right time without taking a wild shot in the dark.

CyberDelights will find the method that is best suited for your business and implement a plan, strategy and template that is appealing to your targeted audience without just throwing something together haphazardly, as many businesses that run email campaigns do. We will search for unique ways to captivate your audience and promote your company; by introducing solutions to their problems.

What are the major benefits of email marketing?

  1. One of the greatest benefits of email marketing is that is provides a way to track behaviours in line with consumer statistics. We can see what your clients are interested in; or not interested in. CyberDelights will evaluate, adjust and monitor accordingly.
  2. The second major benefit with email campaigning is the amount of traffic that it will bring to your website. New visitors will be attracted after seeing offers in an appealing and strategic way and therefore come to your page at least to see what you and your business are all about.
  3. Email campaigning allows you to fully target the message you want to get across specifically and it is extremely cost effective when compared to print mediums. Email marketing is flexible and allows your business to provide different mailing and listings to a wide range and varied audience.

What can CyberDelights do for you?

CyberDelights designs eye-catching, thoughtful and attractive email templates that will entice your targeted audience. We monitor each campaign and document the process as we go along to supply you with the results you are looking for. Get in touch with us to discuss an email campaign that is right for your business.