Internet and web consultation

Know your options with our consultation session


If you’ve been in business any length of time, it’s likely that you’ve tried marketing before. Whether or not you’ve had any success depends on sound advice. Do old principles really work for your industry or is it just general marketing advice that can be applied to any business?

Our marketing consultations are worthwhile, purposeful and strategized for your corporation – not everyone else’s. When basic cookie-cutter marketing or technology concepts do not suit your needs or lead to desirable results, it’s time to call in the experts. CyberDelights is here to guide you, to learn and understand about your industry and incorporate solid marketing counselling that works. We are confident that we can assist you with growing your business with pragmatic advice and beyond-the-normal confines of traditional concepts.

Why hire a design, technology and marketing consultant?

Part of building your brand – and your website – is to tie in all of your company’s vision and its mission statement into a plan of action. Marketing consulting is a valuable way to do so, by having us on your team you can rest easy knowing that your time and money will be well spent. Our tested methods achieve results, meaning less waste in trying antiquated marketing principles or spending dollars on advertising that is simply not guaranteed to generate business.

Plus, our comprehensive solution serving both as technology and programming experts – as well as the creative aspect – gives our clients one source to choose for all of their cyber solutions.

CyberDelights has a different approach. We do it with:
  • Communication – Consultants work with you to understand your visions and goals that you wish to achieve. Whether it is for on-going marketing campaigns or a solo endeavour, we strive to help you realise success. You will be assigned a project coordinator so you work with one individual, putting the responsibility on our shoulders. That’s incentive for us to put your needs first!
  • Planning – Poor planning can lead to disaster. We won’t let that happen. Since our goal is the same as yours – to be successful – we will apply our expertise in the industry to develop a website and marketing plan that serves a purpose.
  • Creating – Web design and development is fun. We wouldn’t be here if we didn’t love what we do. Allow us to create something magical for you and this is where we excel. We will combine your visions and our initial concepts to create a ‘first look’ to ensure that both of our ideas are something you’ll be proud to showcase to your clients and that best convey your message.
  • Development – During the process of creating, we are often struck by new ideas. And while we always remain open to listening to your input, we take pride in applying expertise to your marketing campaign as we surpass milestones of success.
  • Technology Innovations – In addition to the consolation for marketing, we consult on technology and IT solutions. We can help to determine decisions of hardware or software development; and what technologies should be used. Hence, the best solution based on budget and requirements of your company.
  • Detail Double-Checks – Throughout the website design and development process, we check and double-check to make sure things work. There’s nothing worse than spending money on a ‘big idea’ only to have it become a total flop. Avoid failure by letting CyberDelights handle it. We can harvest valuable information just by ‘testing the waters’ before an all-out campaigning effort is launched.
  • Follow-through – After a successful marketing campaign; follow-through is imperative. We are committed to see the project through to completion even if it needs refining, adjustments or modifications to achieve perfection.
Don’t be afraid to call upon us for marketing advice – that’s why we’re here. We aim to be your “go-to” guys for web design, technology and marketing consultations. From the small to mid-size companies to the large corporations, CyberDelights is ready to launch a savvy marketing campaign for your business!