Accessibility and usability

Is Your Site Easy to Navigate?

If your website is too complicated or busy, you could be losing potential customers and sales.

  • The accessibility = ease of functionality
  • The usability = easy to find information fast
During the website design and development process, CyberDelights will work with you to ascertain the needs and purpose of your website. One of our many talents is in designing sites that are “user friendly”. If people can easily navigate, they are far more likely to stay on your site longer! Make it easy to manoeuvre when users try to locate relevant information about your services and products. By helping customers achieve their goals, they will have a good experience on your site, thus creating repeated business and referrals.

A highly accessible CyberDelights website will give you:

  • Better customer experience with less inquiries/complaints
  • Better brand perception
  • Increased traffic with higher conversions of buying customers
  • Higher ROI

How we do it:

Through careful planning and strategising, CyberDelights considers all stages of the web designing process. From the initial consultation and throughout the duration of our creation of it, your website is tested, checked (and double-checked) for accuracy. We check every link, every tab, and every function and prepare a unique site map to meet your approval before ever starting. The site map serves as an outline, making it easier for you – and for your customers – to find what they need, and fast!

Accessibility and Usability takes into account all phases of the project. We ask tough questions and factor in such determinants as:

  • Can customers find pages easily?
  • Are the products and services clearly displayed with easy information?
  • Is the site compatible with new technologies such as blackberries, email alerts, cell phones, travellers and links to other sites?
  • Does the first page load fast and invite customers to browse?
  • Does it turn people off from continuing to read and/or learn about the business?
  • Does it work well with CMS or CRM applications?
  • Are flash and animation too busy or do they provide adequate entertainment to lock in viewer interest?
  • Do all of the internal and external links to and from the site work well?
  • Is payment hassle-free and easy – or complicated and frustrating?
We learn this information by testing, checking and tweaking until we meet your thumbs-up approval. Accessibility and usability all in one – for an enjoyable online experience. That’s the difference that CyberDelights can provide for your business.

Make your site more delightful for your customers. Contact us to help you plan a cyber-friendly website today. Use ring back form and get more information on our website design and web development services.