Podcasts and feeds

Tune-in on the Internet Evolution

Used correctly, podcasts will build customer loyalty, increase brand awareness, visibility and marketing reach through regular communication with current customers and options for prospective customers.

Businesses use podcasts or news feeds to publish audio content and relevant news on topics related to their products and industry. If performed in a compelling fashion, customers or interested listeners will subscribe to the podcast’s feed, so they stay up-to-date with new developments and are informed when a new audio show is posted.

This can be done with audio, video, and news feeds such as RSS and ATOM to keep customers and fans updated with the latest news about your company, generating a higher volume of returning customers. Definitely different, but equally effective as email marketing. Strong web design and web development will drive natural and selective traffic to your company’s site.

Quality podcasts and newsfeeds also add to the content richness of your site, without taking from the functionality and manageability. CyberDelights can work with your bandwidth and server size to eliminate any issues that may slow or disrupt the user’s experience.

Podcasting and RSS Feeds offer a variety of business-related benefits, including:

  • A worldwide marketing reach
  • 100% target market efficiency, since listeners opt-in to feeds and only download content that interests them
  • Provides regular communication with listeners
  • Increases consumer loyalty with value-added content
  • Establishes your business as a trusted voice in the industry
If you are publishing podcasts on your website, CyberDelights can help you optimise the ID3 tag for your MP3 or MP4 files, include notes with each of your podcasts and newsfeeds, create transcripts, and ensure you have a presence on the appropriate directories.

Your clients and customers will then subscribe to feeds that keep them connected to your business. Keep the content rolling and your visibility enhanced with CyberDelights.