Server maintenance

Maintain server health with IT medics

Servers are the hub of your business. They keep your entire network working at maximum capacity, so that you can communicate sufficiently.

At CyberDelights, we will configure, maintain, and support your systems so that you can focus on what you do best – running your business.

From your entire business concept to each campaign’s completion, you need to be able to rely on your hardware and software to sufficiently support your business. Our networking and server engineers are specially trained to deploy and support your server needs so that you can maintain and grow your profit margins.

We perform web server maintenance to back up and restore your data, analyze your web logs, and enhance your security settings and capabilities. Retail businesses will stay up and running, and enjoy a complete transaction cost analysis for your capacity planning.

Our maintenance plans are designed to keep your server and databases updated and working at maximum capacity to enhance functionality and performance for your network users.

CyberDelights provides you with a full system review, including:

  • System logs for errors and potential problems
  • Server log file checks
  • Application of the needed service packs and updates
  • Evaluation of available hard disk space and health issues
  • Permission checks and updates
  • Performance of a complete security overhaul and reviewing service packs
  • A functionality check of all needed applications
  • Software and hardware upgrades recommendations
  • Checks and tests for backup programs and antivirus protection
You’ll be delighted at the capacity of your server and the hassle-free service you receive from CyberDelights.