Website banner development (Rich or static)


  • Animation Flash banner: Flash allows making the banner livelier by adding special effects and animation.
  • Animation Gif banner: Gif allows simple effects and small file size to ensure faster loading.
  • Statics banner: Static banners are usually gif or jpg. Gif is highly compressed format which means the image will be loaded faster. Jpg is loaded slower because of its size, but in better quality.

What is a banner

Banner is a picture or a simple animation used for advertising or informational purposes (new arrivals, special proposals, services) and is placed on the partners’ pages (partner banners, banners exchange), thematically related sites, informational portals or directories (external banner) or advertising of services on the site (internal banner). There are also so called teasers – they are banners that don’t redirect the user anywhere, they only inform user on some events, products or services.The main aim of a banner is to draw more users to the site and to inform users. If the banner is located on the owner’s site and lead only to internal pages, such banner is called internal, in all other cases the banner is external.

Banner types

Animated (interchanging of several images) and Static (one static image).

Banner sizes

The most popular banner sizes are 468x60, 100x100 and 88x31 (button). Banners can be of any size depending on where its being used.