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On Outsourcing to India

Indiais often referred to as the outsourcing hub of the world. Technological facilitation means that cross border collaboration is made possible and companies based in any country can take advantage of the cost benefits of outsourcing to India for web design and development. Unlike China or South America, the Indian region is filled with skilled workers who are fluent in English. The lack of the usual language barrier alone presents a significant benefit to corporations seeking to outsource web design services.


Benefits of Outsourcing to India

Since the explosion of the web, India has proven to be one of the world’s most competitive sources of skilled labour. Increasingly, global companies are outsourcing to India for many reasons. Cost-effectiveness, efficiency, productivity, the spreading of risk, and minimisation of operating costs are just some of the benefits that Indian subcontractors can bring to a web design job. The growing trend toward outsourcing to India is not only to be observed in the web design and technology industries; other industries taking advantage of the benefits of outsourcing web design to India include the legal, general business, media, and manufacturing sectors.

Web development India outsourcing services often provide greater flexibility and faster turnaround time than those in developed countries. The lower living standards combined with high technological know-how and excellent infrastructure has made India one of the most coveted sources of sourcing business. Indian know-how in software development matches world standards and yet local outsourcing providers are capable of providing these for a fraction of the cost of services in other countries.

By outsourcing web development to India, business can provide purchasing organisations with a strong competitive advantage. The first reason, as raised above, is cost-effectivness. India’s highly educated and skilled population is drawn from a population of over 1.15 billion people, comprising some 17 per cent of the world’s total population. The scale and competitiveness of its labour force is unrivalled. This English-speaking labour force is capable of meeting, at distance, all the skill shortages in IT industries – particularly in web design and development – that are common throughout the developed countries such as the UK, USA, Canada, Australia, and other advanced nations.

Indiahas a long tradition of valuing intellectual achievement. Like the other Asian economic giant, China, India’s Nalanda was established when much of the Western world was in the dark ages. Its commitment to cutting-edge technological infrastructure and software ensures a service level that matches those of local providers. Indian literacy levels have grown exponentially since the end of British rule in 1947: from around 12% to 61.9% (79.3% among youth) in 20081. India is said to produce around 500,000 engineers a year alone. Bangalore is considered to be India’s Silicon Valley. Global outsourcing contract revenue amounted to a staggering US$525 billion in 20102. Yet, as living costs remain relatively low, the wage of a computer engineer or web design specialist may only be as little as one-fifth of his counterpart in the UK or the US, allowing these cost savings to be passed on to the commissioning company for outsourcing projects.

As the world’s largest democracy by population, India boasts a stable government that values the high-tech sectors and encourages education, supporting policies, and minimum regulatory red tap for these priority sectors. Its plethora of technology parks and foreign direct investment projects have both helped India cement its status as an effective and competitive outsourcing country. Time zone differences work to the benefit of those companies seeking 24-hour customer support services.

As a general principle, outsourcing tasks and organisational functions, particularly web development, helps organisations maintain its competitive advantage by allowing staff to concentrate on the key aspects of product delivery or service. The maturing, reliability and quality of Indian outsource processing services can be seen in the legal industry, where thousands of law firms are turning to legal process outsourcing to allow their legal staff to focus on core services and make more efficient use of time. Services from business process outsourcing, call centre services, healthcare, photo editing, software, engineering, research and others abound in India. This shift has seen India labelled an outsourcing superpower.


Why Website Design India is Popular on Search Engines

From large business to smaller enterprises, outsourcing web design to India is not only a possible prospect, but a very popular one. At any search engine, type the search terms. The myriad search engine results yielded by a ‘website design India’ search testify to the popularity of outsourcing to India for web and software design solutions. In the addition to the risks examined above, the lower costs of outsourcing means any new projects come with lower risk. There is the potential for faster development and start up because in outsourcing some of its functions, an organisation is in actuality taking advantage of a decentralised approach to different projects.

The autonomy of an outsourced project usually enhances performance, security, and brings in greater expertise at a lower cost than that associated with hiring staff within an organisation to perform the project. Where an organisation finds that it is losing focus and control over its core functions and service, it may wish to consider outsourcing to take care of its non-core functions and operations processes. From the smallest enterprises to the largest multinationals, outsourcing web development to India is not only a trust part of their daily business, it is an essential part. Intel, IBM, Cisco, GE, Microsoft, Yahoo, Amazon and Oracle – each of these multinational countries engage in web design India outsourcing. Those who have used Indian outsourcing have experienced the faster turnaround times, cost savings, flexibility and efficiency.


Cons of Choosing Web Development Agency in India Directly

When choosing from an extensive list of potential web development outsourcing partners in India, there may be some things that the party seeking to outsource need to stay aware of. If a company is contacting an outsourcing provider directly with no local intermediary then it is necessary to apply some level of caution. Outsourcing comes with its own risks. The distance and country barriers may be ameliorated by the technology when it comes to collaborative work, but there are no guarantees when engaging an agency in India directly that they will perform the contract as specified. Cultural misunderstandings, questions relating to quality, and even software or intellectual property piracy can present problems when hiring at a distance.

Companies and individuals should take all necessary steps to protect their business contract. It is advisable to check the credentials of the local company and seek references where possible. Issues of confidentiality and intellectual privacy should be addressed. If a company finds that these risk too significant to take on they may wish to consider choosing an UK-based web agency with a web development centre in India.


Pros of Choosing an UK-based Web Agency with a Web Development Centre in India

By working with an UK-based web agency that has a web development centre in India, companies can minimise all the risks associated with hiring-at-distance while making use of all the advantages that come with outsourcing. As stated above, offshoring comes with its own inherent risks but these can be minimised or completely eliminated with a company that has a local office. Companies seek to have sufficient time to concentrate on core-business activities and access expert and high-quality staff for projects but keep training, staffing, operational, and other costs low. Quick turnaround times while maintaining competitiveness is possible to a company with reduced risk if they engage a local web design provider with offshoring capacities.

Increased trust-levels naturally result from the fact that the local office is within the jurisdiction the UK government. In the event of any dispute, the commissioning party is saved from complicated cross-border dispute resolution. A high degree of confidentiality with respect to client information, payroll, staff and taxation can be assured with a local provider. Communication and project management is rendered simple when the offshoring partner has a local office, and for the same reason, accountability is guaranteed and the contracting business is less likely to lose control of the work that is being done by the outsourcing party. Any hassles such as those relating to contract renewal, misunderstanding, communication, quality and time are minimised with a local office. When a company has  an individual with whom they can  speak to directly, the level of trust and accountability is higher. Engaging an UK-based agency with a web development centre in India will give an organisation all the benefits of web design outsourcing without the potential headaches.



Indiaoffers countless advantages for companies seeking to outsource any part of their non-core operations. Web design and development is one facet among these. Many companies, the largest multinationals among these, have long realised that to stay competitive, they need to sustain low operational cost and minimise risk while accessing the right skills and know-how to ensure innovation and business growth.

Indiais the greatest market for web design outsourcing. Its large, educated and English-speaking population is well-suited to outsourcing business functions in addition to being highly skilled when it comes to information technology and the hi-tech sector. Billions of outsourcing dollars pour into India every year.

While outsourcing comes with inherent risks, these can be eliminated by engaging a local, UK-firm with an Indian web development centre. Communication and dispute resolution difficulties are minimised, expertise, quality, accountability and trust are ensured, yet the cost benefits of offshoring remain. Outsourcing to a local firm with offshoring capacity is the best solution to any business looking to India for their website design solutions.

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Posted on: February 15th, 2011
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